Portfolio. Page two. Logo designer Alexander Voytovich.



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Logo Lock Master.
A logo for a specialist who is engaged in the installation and maintenance of door mechanisms has been successfully created.


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Logo for cinema.
A logo has been successfully created for the original online cinema, the target audience of which is the Russian viewer.


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Logo We Promise.
A logo was successfully created and approved for a store of wedding shoes, as well as a wide range of wedding and other party accessories.



Source: fl.ru

"Great designer and great person. Thanks for your work. Now we work constantly."

Anna Ezdina.
Head of Fundraise Overseas LLC.






Logo for service Online Rent Agency

Online Rent Agency.
Logo for a real estate trade service.
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Logo for shop We Promise

We Promise.
Wedding accessories store logo design.
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Logo for yarn manufacture Povismo

Logo design for yarn manufacture.
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