News. The logo of the Wille School was created. Logo design process.



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Logo Lock Master.
A logo for a specialist who is engaged in the installation and maintenance of door mechanisms has been successfully created.


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Logo for cinema.
A logo has been successfully created for the original online cinema, the target audience of which is the Russian viewer.


Rating: * *
Logo We Promise.
A logo was successfully created and approved for a store of wedding shoes, as well as a wide range of wedding and other party accessories.


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Logo Classic Windows.
The logo of the carpentry production of windows in the classic style, as well as decorative wrought-iron grilles was successfully created.




"Excellent, deep work. Providing logo options, the ability to agree on details online."

Anastasia Kuzikova.
Customer of the Wille School logo.





Logo Wille School.

Rating: * *

A logo was created for a school that practices original methods of teaching foreign languages online.
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Process of create.

Process of create logo Wille School, step one.

*Step one: I draw two sketches and submit them to the customer for review.

Customer comment: Alexander, we liked both ideas to such an extent that our team cannot refuse either one. So we came up with a problem for you, to combine two into one. In the first version, I like the idea of ​​birds and a bell, but I don't like that everything is too specific, it is necessary to make the logo a more subtle metaphor, you know. In the second version, I like the idea of ​​the tape, and also like the technique of execution: the line is closed, and not like in the first version. It is necessary that the logo contains all three elements: birds, a bell and a ribbon. We are waiting for the results.


Process of create logo Wille School, step two.

*Step two: I redo the logo at the request of the customer.

Customer comment: Wonderful! This is what suits us and really like it. Now please submit this version of the logo in different color schemes so that we can see it in action. More precisely, I would like to see the logo in a color version, a color inverted (on a dark background) version, and in the same way it is necessary to submit it in black and white schemes.


Process of create logo Wille School, step three.

*Step three: I draw and submit a logo to the customer in different color schemes.

Customer comment: Approved, thank you for the wonderful logo. We really liked your professional approach to work, as well as politeness and punctuality in work. We will be happy to work with you in the future, as soon as possible.
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