News. The shop logo was created. Logo design process.



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Logo Lock Master.
A logo for a specialist who is engaged in the installation and maintenance of door mechanisms has been successfully created.


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Logo for cinema.
A logo has been successfully created for the original online cinema, the target audience of which is the Russian viewer.


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Logo We Promise.
A logo was successfully created and approved for a store of wedding shoes, as well as a wide range of wedding and other party accessories.


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Logo Classic Windows.
The logo of the carpentry production of windows in the classic style, as well as decorative wrought-iron grilles was successfully created.




"After finding Alexander's portfolio and seeing the logo samples, I decided to place an order. I was more than satisfied with the result. The creative approach to business is very pleasing. High level professional."

Andrey Linetskiy.
Head of Online Rent Agency.






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The logo of the Internet service was created, the focus of which is the sale of office furniture and the design of office premises.
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Process of create.

Process of create vashkabinet_ru logo, step one.

*Step one: I am create three conceptual and graphic options, providing them to the customer.

Customer comment: Very good, we are working with the second and third signs. I would like to see these options close to completion. Be sure to use the same color scheme as on our website. The maximum that you can add is one more color, but not desirable.


Process of create vashkabinet_ru logo, step two.

*Step two: I am finalizing two selected options. I paint, I work with typography.

Customer comment: Alexander, we choose the second option, it is most suitable for our corporate goals. More precisely, we need an association more with furniture than with an office. This option is suitable, since both associations are partially present in it. We want to see it in black and white and in versions for a dark background.


Process of create vashkabinet_ru logo, step three.

*Step three: I provide four varieties that the customer demanded.

Customer comment: Everything is fine, everyone is happy, the team gladly accepted the project, and expresses sincere gratitude to you for a good logo that fully meets our corporate needs.
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