News. The Migration Coaching logo was created. Logo design process.



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Logo Lock Master.
A logo for a specialist who is engaged in the installation and maintenance of door mechanisms has been successfully created.


Rating: * * *
Logo for cinema.
A logo has been successfully created for the original online cinema, the target audience of which is the Russian viewer.


Rating: * *
Logo We Promise.
A logo was successfully created and approved for a store of wedding shoes, as well as a wide range of wedding and other party accessories.


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Logo Classic Windows.
The logo of the carpentry production of windows in the classic style, as well as decorative wrought-iron grilles was successfully created.


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Logo KBM Light.
Successfully created and approved a logo design for the production of light bulbs, as well as original lighting interior products.




"The project was completed efficiently and on time. I am completely satisfied with the cooperation."

Mikhail Bogdanov.
Customer of the logo





Logo Migration Coaching.

Rating: * * *

The logo of the training center was created, aimed at the effectiveness of emigration, the study of foreign languages, travel abroad.
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Process of create.

Process of create logo Migration Coaching, step one.

*Step one: I prepare three options and send them to the customer for selection.

Customer comment: Sasha, I like the first and third options, but something is wrong with them. Apparently, you need to work with the idea of the logo. Somehow, at first glance, there is no association with emigration. Work on it.


Process of create logo Migration Coaching, step two.

*Step two: Based on the options liked of customer, I develop three sketches, provide options to the customer for consideration.

Customer comment: Hello, the second option is almost to the point, but still I would like to complicate it a little, it looks too primitive, there is a feeling that somewhere it already was. Maybe I'm wrong. I like the idea with birds flying in different directions. I do not like excessive simplicity.


Process of create logo Migration Coaching, step three.

*Step three: At the request of the customer, I complicate the logo, but at the same time I do not go beyond minimalism.

Customer comment: Hello Alexander, everything is fine, it remains to show your colleagues. If we unanimously approve, then consider this option final. Please send us a color version of the logo, a black and white inverted version and a black and white version on a white background. Thank you in advance.


Process of create logo Migration Coaching, step four.

*Step four: I am sending the logo options necessary to the customer. Waiting for an answer.

Customer comment: Hooray! Finally, it was unanimously approved, everyone liked the logo very much, send us the source materials. Thank you for your pleasant cooperation!
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