Portfolio. Description of logo for Vyshivanka handicraft goods supplier.



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Logo Lock Master.
A logo for a specialist who is engaged in the installation and maintenance of door mechanisms has been successfully created.


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Logo for cinema.
A logo has been successfully created for the original online cinema, the target audience of which is the Russian viewer.



Source: freelance.ru

"The project was completed efficiently and on time. I am completely satisfied with the cooperation."

Mikhail Bogdanov.
Customer of the logo alcofishing.ru.





Vyshivanka handicraft supplier logo.

Vyshivanka logo

*Objective: Design a logo for a trading company.
*Purpose: Visual identification of the handicraft supplier.
*Project completion year: 2008.
*Number of options provided: 2.
*Terms of the project: 7 days from the date of application.
*Terms of the project: Printing, web design, outdoor advertising.
*Used software products: Corel DRAW, Windows.
*Project delivery formats: *.cdr.
*Autor: Alexander Voytovich.

From the author: Things were easy with the customer of this logo, since we have been cooperating for more than seven years on an ongoing basis. He opted for this option from the two provided full-fledged logos. The details were provided to me before starting work.
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